Getting Started: How to move your Website

In this section of our Getting Started guide, we will show you the process and steps you need to take to have your current website migrated to our services.

We offer this service free to all of our clients (with some limitations) to help ease the transition of moving your website. We have a team of dedicated staff members that have lots of experience with moving websites.

We work with you every step of the way to help make this process as easy as possible.

You first start this process by filling out the Migration Request Form found under the Add-ons tab in the Portal.

For information on how to access and fill this form out.

From here, a ticket will be created in our migrations department and one of our staff members will begin the process (please note that this could take a small amount of time).

Our support department will use a variety of different methods to migrate (copy) your website to your new service with us here at SnapBlox.

For more detailed information about how our migration process works, please see our more detailed article on the subject.

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