Sucuri Malware Protection

As a webhost, it’s our job to keep your websites and emails up and running. We’re here to help you with any questions or concerns you have and to fix any problems you may have. The internet has evolved, and there are a ton of web applications you can use on your website now. With the increase in popularity of web apps, they’ve become targets of malicious activity.

Web apps can be compromised in any number of ways, such as not being kept up to date, having a bad or outdated plugin or theme, weak or hacked passwords, and many other ways. As your web host, we want your website to stay up and running all the time, and we love nothing more than to assist with that.

However, because malware can infect your website in any number of ways, scanning your website, interpreting the results, and cleaning the files is a very time intensive task. It is done manually, and can take numerous hours to complete. This keeps you waiting for an answer regarding the status of your site and it also increases the time your site is online and potentially insecure.

We’ve partnered with Website Security experts, Sucuri. Their expertise in the website security field is second to none. We offer their Malware scanning and removal service, which includes malware and blacklist removal, for $49.99 per website, per year, with bulk discounts available.

With the malware scanning and removal service enabled, Sucuri will continuously scan your website for any malware, proactively clean it up for you, and then we will send you a report on what was done. That report will also tell you what the cause was, so you know what happened and how it can be fixed going forward. This service is available for any website hosted on our service, and can be enabled at any time.

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